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WAVI-AM was one of the early entries in a format that would become known as "News-Talk". Still a ratings contender in the early 1980's, the station still featured news and telephone talk, but branched out on weekends adding "Memory Music" with longtime former hosts, Bernie Wulkotte (B.W.) and legendary 1950's/1960's DJ Gene "By Golly" Barry. How was the station sold to advertisers? Download this PDF file, and you'll have an actual WAVI sales kit from 1981. (Courtesy: The Kurt Farmer collection.)

"People Power - WAVI"

WAVI was best known for its' 2 way telephone talk and news format, which began in the early 1970's. It was unlike News-Talkers today...the "Talk Masters" ran across the entire spectrum politically...and they were all equal opportunity offenders. (If a day ever went by without a complaint call being received at the station over something that was said, staffers checked to see if the transmitter was working!)

We're still trying to locate some tapes of the WAVI Talk Masters. But, we have also found some other "notable" clips in WAVI History.

WAVI found a way to make some extra money with their weekend programming by beginning something they called "Specialty Talk". It involved programs sponsored by a local business, whose "experts" would answer calls about their lines of expertise. That led to "Auto Talk", with host Bill Kirby.

Today, nationally known talk host Kim Commando might be your computer goddess, but, sorry Kim...WAVI was there first. In the early 1980's station engineer Kurt Farmer, seeing the reaction and sales growth of personal computers pitched the format to H K Crowl.  Being the innovator that he was , WAVI launched "Computer Talk", with host and Talk Master, A.J. Austin. (Courtesy: The Kurt Farmer Collection)

Promos from "People Power" WAVI

Thanks to the collection of former WAVI Engineer and Sunday talk host Keith Hardin.

To work at WAVI, one definitely had to have a sense of humor. And, around 1400 Cincinnati Street, most of the humor was self-deprecating and sometimes it slipped out on the air.

Click each file below to hear:

Bob Kwesell Show Promo

Brad Clay Show Promo

Dick Norman Show Promo

Dr. Frank Henninger Show Promo

Keith Hardin Show Promo

Mr. Fix It Show Promo

A "Cleaner" Version of the "People Power" Jingle

WAVI Newsman Don Mills in a 1981 commercial
(Thanks to Videoarcheology)

Oh yes...and by request: Though it's taken from an old air check and thus, is just "AM Radio quality".
Click this link to hear the infamous WAVI "People Power" jingle ID.
Courtesy: The Kurt Farmer Collection)

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