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Dayton Area Broadcasters 
Hall of Fame

104 - WDJX - One of Dayton’s “gone, but not forgotten” stations.

Originally, WDJX was a jazz station whose call letters were WHBM.  The station was licensed to Xenia at 103.9 mhz.

WHBM eventually shut down due to financial difficulties and turned in its license to the FCC.  The license was purchased by a financier by the name of Arnold Malkin.  Malkin hired a General Manager who didn’t last long, then hired ex-WVUD grad Geoff Vargo as General Manager.  

At the time the only Top 40 station Dayton had was perennial AM WING. (You see, WTUE-FM had flipped to album rock in 1975.)  So, WDJX had WING in its sights from the second it hit the air.

Frankly,  the high muckety-mucks in the Dayton radio community laughed when WDJX came on the air.  Granted, they hired some good sounding jocks,  most of whom were hired from out of market.  (Among some of the early arrivals,  Sam Lit (son of legendary Philadelphia jock Hy Lit),  Gary Spears,  Charley Butcher, Adam Cook,  Mark Elliott (formerly “Jason Roberts” on WTUE.)  Its staff, later on...even saw a guy named Glenn Beck as its morning show host. (yes...that is talk host Glenn Beck during his self-admitted “drunk” period of his life.)

You see, no one in the Dayton  broadcast community  thought that a small 3,000 watt FM station in Xenia could do much.  After all, the other FM station in Xenia, WBZI-FM seemed to flounder in the ratings more or less all the time.

One of the station’s first promotions was called: “The Death Of AM Radio”.  WDJX gave away gobs of  those little FM converters for your car. You know...the ones you bought in Radio Shack for $19.95.   But  hey...if you only had AM radio in your car then...they worked just fine.

Dayton broadcasters laughed, all right... until the first Arbitron rating book came out  and saw the little Xenia station had around a 6.5 share among listeners age 12 and older!   (In those days, a 9 or 10 in the rating book would make you number one. ) And, WDJX quickly cut  into WING’s audience considerably... forcing them to eventually lean more toward adult Top 40.

The station did many album promotions, movie ticket promotions...but always kept  an eye toward doing something that would make people talk about them and get them good press.  Like the article below, talking about the station sending thousands of White Castle hamburgers to our fighting men overseas.


Airchecks of WDJX/Xenia are few and far between. However, click here and you’ll hear an interview and a bit of  an aircheck with night jock Adam Cook.  The interview was taken just as the station came back on the air after  a fire at the transmitter took them off the air for 30 some hours.  The conversation at the beginning of the air check is Cook talking about the difference between WDJX’s audio processing vs. WTUE’s.

WDJX was eventually sold to a broadcaster by the name of Alan Gray who later changed the format to Adult Contemporary and renamed the station WYMJ (for “Magic 104”.)  It also had a stint playing oldies and then country music.  (The “debut” first break of the country format can be found here. ) Eventually, the whole shooting match was sold to Clear Channel Communications where, today, it is New Rock WXEG (103.9 mhz).  The station now sports 6,000 watts of power and its tower has been moved to Dayton from Greene County.

The WDJX call letters were later picked up by a station in Louisville and remained so for many years.

BTW:  You WDJX alumni are more than welcome to add to this page with air checks, newspaper articles, whatever you might have.  Please contact the webmaster if you would have something to offer.

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