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WGTZ - Eaton Dayton And Springfield Alive!  Z-93!

Launched on March 15th, 1984 by playing 10,093 songs in a row, the former WCTM-FM, purchased by Great Trails Broadcasting (then owner of WING-AM)...inaugurated at Top 40 format that took Dayton by storm.

The original morning hosts were John King and Terry Dorsey, though  Dorsey, a former WING personality, contributed his parts by “remote” from his then-current employer... a station in Dallas, Texas.

Then, in 1985, “Dr. Dave” Gross was hired along with sidekick Wild Bill for mornings for what would eventually become known as “The Z Morning Zoo”.  For the next 5 years, this would be considered as the station’s heyday (though the station’s success would continue for several years after that with various morning hosts and DJ’s including former WING jock Kim Faris who became a staple of the morning show, post  Dr. Dave.) But, during that 5 years, Z-93 built and maintained double digit ratings among all listeners age 12 and over.

Z-93 soldiered on through various ownership changes until current  owner Mainline Broadcasting flipped the station to an adult  hits format and re-imaged it as “Fly 92-9” in November, 2007.

Dr. Dave - Z93 Photo.jpg

Dr. Dave Gross - Host of The “Z Morning Zoo” 1985-1990

Compliments of “The Dr. Dave Collection” here’s air checks of a “Z Morning Zoo”!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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The WGTZ the audio of Z-93's debut as a Top 40 station on Sunday, March 15th, 1984.  It happened at 12 noon when the former Big Band station, WJAI switched to rock and roll and began a 20 plus year reign as Dayton's "Hot Rockin', Flame Throwin', Z-93"

Click to hear WGTZ debut

Click to hear WGTZ Z-93 “Shotgun” Jingle

Click to hear WGTZ  “Serving the Universe” Top Hour ID Jingle

Click to hear WGTZ King and Dorsey Jingle

Click to hear WGTZ Z-93 air check from Easter 1984

Click to hear WGTZ Z-93 “Four in a Row” Jingle

Thanks to the Rob Ellis collection